Noemi Palacios

Nome: Noemi
Cognome: Palacios
Paese di provenienza: Spagna
Data di nascita: 1982
Nome del progetto: “The invisible seam”

Artista: Noemi PalaciosProgetto: “The invisible seam”



Noemi Palacios, born 1982 in Barcelona, Spain


My challenge focuses on transforming an impulse into a tangible object, acting as a mirror to give light to the unconscious.

Title of the work:



My challenge focuses on transforming an impulse into a tangible object. The stone intervenes as a catalyst for such abstract aspects as emotions, and I try to transform matter into “someone” with a narrative capacity to act as a mirror to give light to the unconscious.

I find inspiration in the universe from the smallest particle to the largest nebula, primal structures that make up a whole. Tribute to simplicity, pattern, order over chaos. Each piece is the result of the search for the essential, using a direct language and respecting its natural architecture, where stone is the main material.

Noemi Palacios has been working in stone sculpture for more than 20 years, participating in numerous international symposia and installing public sculptures in several European cities. Currently she combines the realization of small and large format sculptures and comissions with teaching at the EASD, Universitary School of Plastic Arts and Design, in Barcelona, Spain


The rural environment of South Tyrol constitutes a living heritage in constant evolution, caused by social and demographic changes in the region. Due to the centralization of opportunities and the lack of continuity of rural work, there is a risk of progressive depopulation and the abandonment of a good part of the cultural and ethnographic legacy.

“The invisible seam” is a tribute to this entire social and cultural network, which resists in such a beautiful and harsh environment, preserving the roots of its identity. The rope sews, joins and reinforces the fabrics, turning separate elements into a solid structure that remains together under the strongest tension. In the same way, an invisible rope connects people and makes them woven, creating a powerful bond that unites us as human beings.

The artwork consists of two independent sculptures round shape, with a smooth Surface

and an organic sewing texture inscribed.

My intention is to create an interactive space, where the viewer can feel part of them,

touch them, or wander around.

Noemi Palacios

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