Alessandro Kanu

First name: Alessandro
Surname: Kanu
Country of origin: Italy
Date of birth: 1973
Project name: “Open the window”

Artist: Alessandro KanuProject: “Open the window”



Kanu, born 1973 in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy


My life partner and I, we are still alive… surviving a cruel world

Title of the work:



My idea of sculpture for this international event is to bring to these places not only part of my professional life experience in marble processing gained since I was young in Carrara, but to bring a project taken from a cycle, which is the first in absolute that I proposed in a big way in an International Symposium and which, combined with the theme of the Symposium, also sends a strong message to everyone.

My sculpture language is varied and concerns natural themes and social issues. The plastic and formal language obviously varies in relation to what I wish to do and propose.


This work is inspired by a plastic and formal research of a cycle of sculptures that I created some time ago, when for some years I worked in a maximum security prison in Sardinia. I had based my work on the construction of window and door bars. The idea of a geometry used by man in the construction of doors and windows that can be opened and closed, that can be passed through to enter and exit freely, not only physically but also conceptually and philosophically, was totally erased in this place. They could only open to enter and almost never to exit, or rather you could re-enter another closed and enclosed space in turn. There is no possibility of opening from the inside and it leaves no room to see what is beyond. There is no communication.

This idea distressed and oppressed me, because in those long moments there was no possibility for me to escape, to rejoin the outside world and what is dearest to me… freedom.

From here was born the idea of transforming those bars, doors and windows into concepts of plastic and structural evolution that symbolize not only states of mind, but also the complexity of social, human and communication relationships.

This sculpture wants to cancel the concept of closure and on the contrary be open. It opens in a specular and modular way, with the strength of those who want to create a vision, building within it a continuity of lines that develop and connect to each other in a concatenation that no longer symbolizes a barrier, but on the contrary a space of free and continuous communication between places and people.

In this specific case the places and people of Val Venosta. The meaning of the continuous chain indicates not only the connection between places, but also their close existential bond, the spirit of social growth and future development prospects. In relation to the social, historical and cultural growth of the places, this window opens breaking all the chains, that is, the limits, with strength and decision on both sides, developing inside and outside… taking on a meaning of conscience and will, desire for growth, innovation, but above all, very importantly, a strong preservation of the popular social cultural identity, which must always be preserved and protected, held tight (the chain continues in fact).

The window is like a painting that changes its landscape, but keeps its identity intact and the bond between all the places that come together, collaborate and connect to each other in a harmonious and constant way.


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