Olena Dodatko

First name: Olena
Surname: Dodatko
Country of originUkraine
Date of birth1984
Project name: „Interlacement“

Artist: Olena DodatkoProject: “Interlacement”



Olena Dodatko, born 1984, in Oleksandria, Ukraine


My artistic philosophy is centered on the pursuit of simplicity and perfection forms

Title of the work:



Olena Dodatko graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture in Kiev in 2014, specializing in sculpture. Olena has actively participated in numerous international and local symposiums, contributing to the global conversation on contemporary sculpture.

Her artistic philosophy revolves around seeking simplicity and perfection, often expressed through monumental forms. Inspired by the unspoiled beauty of the natural world.

Olena’s sculptures delicately balance between the tangible and the abstract, aiming to capture the profound essence of form. Moving away from realistick art, Olena Dodatko’s creations now blend elements of nature with abstract concepts. Her sculptures become lyrical expressions, distilling entire narratives into singular, eloquent sentences.

Olena Dodatko’s artistic way is a quest to explore form and meaning, where simplicity meets the profound beauty of the natural world.

            CONCEPT OF THE WORK:

Interlacement is my project that speaks of connection and support. It shows how things come together and hold each other up, reflecting my thoughts and feelings about relationships and unity.

Olena Dodatko

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