Fernando Pinto

First name: Fernando
Surname: Pinto
Country of origin: Colombia
Date of birth: 1975
Project name: “The Link”

Artist: Fernando PintoProject: “The Link”



Fernando Pinto, born 1975 in Bucaramanga, Colombia


The further I look back, the more I feel going forward

Title of the work:



He studied industrial design at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and sculpture in Pietrasanta, Italy, with the sculptors Pasquale Martini and Cesare Riva.
In 2001, he opened his studio in Barcelona, where he lived and worked until 2008. When he returned to Bogotá, Colombia in the same year, he opened his new studio there.
He can now look back on numerous exhibitions in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.
His larger works can be found in public spaces in countries such as Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Argentina, Turkey, Portugal, Germany and Colombia.

His monumental work focuses on looking at reality and natural phenomena with the depth, wonder and magic that all ancestral cultures had. Only a sincere approach to our civilization can provide understanding of how we can coexist and become part of the cycles of this planet.

            CONCEPT OF THE WORK:

In recent past years I’ve been making a formal investigation on seeds. Their forms and practicality of form-function relation to secure survival, along with their incredible beauty and biological power has always marveled me. 

Our same dreams and ideas are like seeds, we plant them in reality, we plant them in our hearts, sometimes we plant them in other people´s hearts and minds to help us make them grow in reality.

This sculpture is inspired on the seeds of the yellow acacia, a tree from the amazon jungle nowadays used to recover damaged soils in the tropical forest. It’s seed has the form of a spiral which is the main symbol of life on this planet and our reality plane.  It expresses also the idea of the main link of LIFE one turn of a SPIRAL.

This simple symbol on nature’s language speaks about progress, survival, success, effectiveness, at the same time the seeds are the connection between present, past and future… In this sense with this work ‘The Link’ symbolizes the connection in time… what is now and what it will be.

I think because of it’s form simplicity this work would look very good on a very veined Lasa marble.

Fernando Pinto

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